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My little social experiment

What do you do when you are super bored? Let me guess, eat?, play games?, nag your friends? What if you get bored of doing these too? I was there at this point few days ago. So, I decided to conduct a small social experiment. Yeah, ‘social’ gives away a lot. It was few days […]

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The Mentor We Are

You are doing something, something for long time and suddenly somebody praises you a little, and shows a little interest in that thing you do, what do you do then? I bet, most of you finish it by a thank you ( very smart ), but there are few, me being one among those few, […]

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I Wish I Lived In the 19th century

I like to imagine how would it be if we all were in 19th century, (the purpose of this imagery is, no technology), so don’t think much. How would it be if you, I and all of us here, are living in the 19th century. First thing would be the possibility for us dieing because […]