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Are you a Social Loafer?

What is social loafing? Are you a social loafer? Most probably, you are!!!

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Too Much is Never Good.

She said not to let her go. She said it because he told her that he would never let her go. And the other girl began to show interest towards the guy too. It all came to the point when he didn’t want it to come. All the things important to him converging to the […]

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The Burnt Toast

A lady served toasts and jam in dinner, to her son and her husband after a very busy and tiring day at work. The son noticed that she kept a burnt toast on the father’s plate. Not just burnt, but completely, burnt to black. The son noticed it and wondered if anyone else ever saw […]

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#73 A Story to Laugh About

Once, a woman jumped a signal. As a result, she was called upon by the traffic inspector. Woman: I am a teacher, please have some mercy and let me go. Inspector: Ahaan, I have waited for this my entire life. Inspector: Now, WRITE that I will not jump signals, 100 times. Ha ha . #copied. […]