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Greenery in my life

How to make your emotions palpable and materialise the benefits!!! Read to learn it today!!


It is hard to talk.

Suddenly the air around is sticky, a little more humid than it generally is. The tongue feels big and dry, like all the water in the world could not quench this thirst. The heart races like it has only few minutes left to complete its course and it rushes against time, squeezing 3 beats in […]

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The Mentor We Are

You are doing something, something for long time and suddenly somebody praises you a little, and shows a little interest in that thing you do, what do you do then? I bet, most of you finish it by a thank you ( very smart ), but there are few, me being one among those few, […]

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#14 My Opinion About the Opinion of Another Fellow Blogger

Just a few minutes ago, I read an article about opinions. It was a catchy topic, so I couldn’t resist but read it completely. Click here for the blog. First of all, this is not a reblog, and definitely not a criticism. Just a fellow bloggers opinion on a topic.