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Those things do happen

She said, “I will see you later”, while she closed the cab’s door. And the cab started to leave. Wait, let’s go back some time. So, it was a regular Monday at work. As always, we had the weekly video conference. And as always, it got late. So, I had missed my ride back home […]


A walk around the city 

It has been a week since I moved to Kolkata. And today I finally got time to go around the town. I kinda like this city, people are friendly. Anyway, I was standing on that continuously oscillating and vibrating cantilever over the river Hoogly. It was a humungus building and after I took all the […]

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I wish I were a giant

You know how Giants are, big, scary, ugly, blue, with hair on half of its head, torn and hurt face with its chin bone showing, body covered with mud, and smelling so foul. I did not wish I were a giant, because I like to be all these things, it is despite these things, humans […]

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The socks with a mouth

I sat there in the conference hall waiting for the technician to come and reset the hanging projector. He came inside the room and kept a chair over the table. He went out again to bring a pin, which i later found out was for putting in the reset hole of the projector. The guy […]