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The Reason!!!

Tells my story of what inspired my to workout in my life. An insult when i went to do some good to society. To save a life maybe, but my offer for turned down….. Read on to know more.

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Why Do You Earn?

Wether you have started earning or yet to start minting money, take a pause and think, why do you want to earn money? We all have needs but, obviously they vary in an interesting sense. Some earn to save, some earn for others, some earn to enjoy life, what is your view? Well, whatever may […]

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Walk Towards My Passion

For long I have always been dubious about what my passion actually is. I questioned around to people as to how do they define passion. It was no good, but still, I figured it out when I thought what I wanted to do, soo much that I thought about it everyday. To write a novel […]