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Greenery in my life

How to make your emotions palpable and materialise the benefits!!! Read to learn it today!!

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A new bike?

If you have been reading my posts, you would know that recently I have been getting a lot of stuffs, iPhone (for free), a smart tv, PS4, and as it turns out, I got a motorbike too. How cool is that. It would not be very nice to call it a free one, because it […]


Alampara Fort

How many of your have been to Mahaballipuram, 50 km from Chennai. It is a famous tourist attraction. But, did you know that there i a place 50 km from Mahaballipuram, towards Pondicherry? Well, today I went on a drive from Chennai to Alampara fort. It was  a 2 hour drive. I expected the place […]