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Improve Your Vocabulary -Day 2

5 new words, total long to 10. Yes, my math is good. 5+5=10.
Read on to find if you already know the words.

So I believe that you learnt the previous 5 words and are here for some more? If you have not yet loaded them into your memory, Here is a quick ink.

Moving on to today’s session, I recently stumbled upon some words while reading my books. So, I had marked them and I would be sharing those with you today.

#6 Tenacious : It means to hold on to something firmly. It need not necessarily be an object but one can also be tenacious towards an ideology. Now, we all have our arguments with our parents for difference of opinion. I know, its inevitable. Its just the generation gap that they never seem to understand (Like I regularly argue with my parents). They are tenacious towards olden philosophy.

#7 Reticence : An introverted person is generally not very open to new people. They are reserved. That nature of being reserved is called reticence. We all have been to that phase where we are hurting so bad and would rather be in our own space.

#8 Obstinate : When we were kids, we were extremely stubborn. Remember the time when you cried the river out of your eyes for a CANDY??? As kids we were mostly obstinate, i.e. stubborn. (Atleast I was, but it was not for CANDY!!!!! 😛)

#9 Alacrity : What would you feel when I ask you “ would you like to have 100 million $??? for FREEEEEEE!!!!” ? Would your answer not be a brisk, excited and a cheerful yes??? That feeling of a cheerful acceptance or readiness is called alacrity. Let’s move on to the last word for today, with the same alacrity. 😉

#10 Conundrum : When my sister and I stand in front of my father and ask him, “Father, do you like your son more or your daughter more? If you had to choose one, who would it be?” I can see my father flummoxed. It is a confusing and a difficult question/ problem for him. This is a conundrum for my father. (I know, we are bad children). and i urge you to try asking this question to your mom or dad. The expression would be priceless.

So, we have touched the milestone of 10 words. Wohooooo 🥳. Remember to recollect the previous words by just seeing the words once and thinking about the meaning. Try saying a sentence out loud. That should help you retain the words better.

Oh I almost forgot, Oops. Here is the usage of all the words in one sentence.

The greatest conundrum I face is to know when our elders would sacrifice their tenacious obstinacy over philosophical and social reticence with alacrity. (Honestly, I would be happy even if they had no alacrity, just get over this pious superstition).

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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