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The NoFAP Log – Day 7

When life pushes you down, you get back up (no pun intended).
So, the challenge restarts…..

Today was supposed to be the successful completion of day 9. But, I lost control on day 7. It was a Sunday morning, I was lazing around in the bed, sober for 7 days, one thing let to another and you know, my streak climaxed too.

I always thought that it would be easy, once I decide to do something, I can be determined and unshakable (ironically, I “shaked” *FACEPALM*). It is turning out to be a challenge again. I was and still am proud of my initial 7 days. One thing is certain, I would not give up on this challenge. I was never a puritanical devil but, I do like the idea of challenging myself. It’s been 2 days again, and I hope to break the previous record of 7 days and keep going further.

So, few updates about the last week, I wanted to check if I have been getting an energy surge of some sort. I am not sure about it. I ran a 10k marathon last saturday. It took my 55 mins. It is more than my regular timing. It seems that I ran slower. I am not sure if it can be attributed to NoFAP or simply the humid and draining climate here. I am going to give this challenge its fair chance. In retrospect, I think, I kinda wanted to reward myself for completing the marathon? (I know, not an acceptable argument. But, what’s done is done. I will be better)

Previous log here.

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a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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