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Improve Your Vocabulary – Day 1

Let us learn something new…

Hello Folks. I am starting a new post series of sharing 5 new words, that I am going to learn everyday. It is just that, over time, due to some reason or the other, it has come to my attention that MY vocabulary is not as shiny and abundant as it used to be. So, to polish myself to the former glory and maybe, help those of you who wish to learn new words, I am going to share 5 words everyday. If you have any doubts with respect to etymology of any words, please post in the comment section and I would get back to you. Lets start expanding our vocabulary.

#1 Prevaricate : It means to give reasons in an elusive way. Remember the time when you were late to the class and the professor was furious and you came up with any reason that could get you off the hook. That was “prevaricating”. Or, your mother catches you with something that you are not supposed to have (at least from a mother’s perspective), then you decide to throw you best friend under the bus by just giving some reason to evade the charges on you. (Now you get it. Right?)

#2 Extenuate : When you act in a way so as to dilute the seriousness of your offence. For example, remember that time in the exam hall, when you got the question paper to realise that you had no clue about anything on it. Well, that would ideally not be an extenuating circumstance to cheat and pass. (But, you did, what you had to. No judgement here though)

#3 Laconic : Using few words. Have you read a book called “Fountain Head”? The protagonist, Mr. Howard Roark, was a laconic man. A man of few words (except for the final speech in the courtroom, which went for 5 pages).

#4 Mendicants : An act of begging, also referring to a beggar. I am not going to comment anything here, because when we see others in a situation to beg, we in a way, are responsible as well.

#5 Palpable : Something which can be felt or touched. Used best in places when the situation is intense that the emotion is so strong that it is touchable. Like the attraction between you and your spouse. The love is palpable in this case.

Now, coming to my favourite part of these kind of articles, lets try to use all the words in a single sentence. Join me. Come on. Frame your own sentence in the comment section.

“ The hunger of the mendicant was palpable enough for the lawyer to make the otherwise laconic man, explore arguments for prevaricating the theft of food in a subjectively extenuating circumstance.”

That felt complex. Phew!!!

Update: Find the next 5 words here.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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