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The NoFAP Log – Night 1

First night of the challenge, man is it tough!!!!

08:56 am – Oh my god, never have I rolled this much on the bed due to sleeplessness. It could be because of the climate and the humidity in the environment (its so hot that, I sweat while I sleep and wake up tired and dehydrated). But, I have been in this place for a week now and it feels so every night. I would get the job done and immediately fall asleep. Any guy who is reading this right now, you would understand, right? I am not aware how this works for ladies but a guy would sleep like a baby after the “night business”.

Last night, while going to bed, I was reminded of the NoFAP challenge that I took. It was a tough first night. I thought I was going to give in but I somehow held on. Maybe because I wanted to write a success first time story here, or because I am determined, I do not know but nevertheless, I was able to control myself . So, three cheers for myself and if you had started the challenge too, I hope you were successful too.

Couple of first day pointers, I do not feel any huge change in my energy level or motivation level, its just as normal as it was when I , ummmmm, you know, would “FAP”. Except for the feeling that I successfully controlled, I have no other satisfaction. So, lets see if i feel any different in the day later.

P.S. I did run a 6 km in 30 minutes about 1 hour ago, so maybe thats why I am unable to feel the energy level. *fingers crossed* lets hope we do improve.

Update: oops.. Read next log here.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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