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A New Challenge, for me and You all!!!

How PMO affects your body and what is NOFAP???
P – Porn,
M- Masturbation,
O- Orgasm

I was just going through the collection of videos in my years old hard drive. I found something in the movies folder which I had never noticed before, it said, “DEVELOPMENT”. At first, I thought it was a movie and skipped it. Later, when I realised that I have almost seen all the other movies on the hard drive, I decided to give it a shot. Turns out, it is not a movie but a collection of videos. I have been exploring that for 2 days now, and I came up on something known as the NOFAP challenge.

Do you know what it is? It can be a sensitive topic to speak, but the challenge claims that, even 30 days of successful completion can be life changing. it is claiming to improve our confidence, energy levels, motivation, basically, improving our way of life. So. What is NOFAP challenge?

Fapping – means masturbation and NOFAP is essentially aimed at devoiding an individual from short burst of pleasure achieved through PORN, Masturbation and eventually, Orgasm (by these means only). Why do people get addicted to anything? Have you ever pondered on that? Our body works on a reward for work concept. Anything that we do, if it makes us feel good, we are rewarded with dopamine secretion in our body. It is the happiness hormone (motivator). Call it that. Now, when we study hard, prepare well for exams and succeed, we are happy because of the reward of dopamine in our system. When we work out hard and see progress in our physical appearance, we feel happy, Dopamine again.

The best way to get natural dopamine secretion is SEX. Yes, as living organisms, we are biologically programmed to reproduce and populate the planet. Thus, our systems are programmed to reward us the most when we engage in sexual intercourse (Fair enough, isn’t it?). This dopamine is ephemeral and not ever lasting, thus we are constantly engaged in something or the other, the quest for dopamine. That is basically motivating us to do whatever we do.

Now, something to be understood about dopamine is that, when your brain realises that there is too much of dopamine, it regulates it to a lower level of secretion, to ensure that we are motivated to perform better. That is why, people often find new potential partners more exciting than the old ones (not that it is right, but purely biologically speaking), thats how it is, or why people smoke more and more thus becoming a chain smoker, once they cross that fine line.

Next to sex, an alternate and equivalent dopamine secretion is observed by consumption of drugs, masturbation (orgasm), alcohol, smoking. Now, would you prefer to study and work hard and succeed and then be happy? Or just click a button and have the same amount of happiness without investing any time and effort? There, lies the reason for all the addiction.

Now, when our brain is constantly getting enough dopamine in our system through PMO (Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm), cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, it realises that this is not balanced and starts to correct itself, to reduce the amount of dopamine secretion. Once the natural dopamine levels in our system is reduced, we are constantly hooked on to these methods to maintain our happiness level. Comprende?

Let us face one addiction at a time (not that I smoke or drink), and today (18 sep 21), I am going to start the NOFAP challenge for 30 days. Thus, I am planning to restore my dopamine level for a higher motivation, better energy levels and a tendency to work effectively and much harder. If you are planning to join me, you are more than welcome. Let’s QUIT Addiction. I will add a weekly update on this. In these 30 days I am going to tell how I feel and if it is really worth it? I am going to be honest and brutal with all the emotions that come through my mind. So, please do not judge me on that, I would be in an experimental state. I would add the link to the next post in an update. Wish me luck.

Update : click here for the first night log.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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