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The Uncle at the Park

How a man approached me with an alliance for his daughter and How I dealt with it!!!

I promised you last time that I would be soon sharing a story in this post. So, here it is.

I had gone home for a vacation after 1 year of work, and it was in December 2020. So, I was basically free the whole day, for a month. This allowed me to dedicate more time for my exercise, I started a morning and evening regimen and was following it religiously. Since it was just a one month vacation, I did not join a gym, I rather decided to workout at the open park, it was not crowded anyway. Go Calisthenics. 15 days into the vacation and this regimen, one morning at 1000h or so, after my run, I was peacefully stretching and cooling down. I see a cute boy running towards me and he just stood there. He must have been 5 Year old or something I recon.

So, I interacted with him. he just wont talk, just stare. i do not know what is wrong with kids, why wrong they talk, if they are anyway there to stare at me. Then an uncle walks up behind the kid and tells me, “he is my grandchild” (I wondered why he said grandchild instead of grandson???) He asked me what I did. I told him I am here for my vacation and I can’t tell much about my profession, but I serve. He then introduced me to the mother of the kid and turns out she was my college mate or something. (Small world, I know) So, then they asked me if I was on Instagram or FB to get in touch (I was still a little dubious as to where this was leading). I proudly and audaciously beamed while confessing that I am unavailable on social media. (Yeah, I am a rare breed)

I do not know what was so scintillating to the man there but he promptly told me “I have been looking at you for 4 days now” (You mean stalking), “And I think you are a good man, I would like to talk to your parents for fixing you up with my younger daughter”. For a second, I thought, he was trying to fix me up with the mother there (Phew, she was pretty though. LOL. JK). He was very polite in the way he spoke. I was not prepared for this.

I have lived in so many places, talked to so many people and I have approached women, been approached by women. I knew what to do then. But, for this, I was unprepared. No one taught me how to talk to the father of a girl who comes to fix me up with his daughter, looking for an alliance. So, i told him, I am not comfortable giving my father’s number to him. He then told me he would like to talk to him. I came up with an ingenious idea. I was not carrying my phone. So, I gave him my number and told him to text me. I would be giving his number to my father once I discuss with my parents.

I went home, and my mom tells me, “Why did you not give the phone number to them?” (As if thats the protocol. Was she serious?)

So, then I gave his contact to my dad and they spoke. It was the first family my parents were interacting with the prospect of an alliance. So, they were NOOBs (I am cutting them some slack). They, first did the horoscope match and stuff. Spoke to the girl and their family and went to their home (twice). All this happened within the first month and before my vacation was over. And all this time, I had still not yet seen the girl, let alone meet her. So, I had to go back to my station and I left. The talks were still on (so weird). After coming to my station, my parents tell me maybe i should talk to the girl (Great timing mom). So, I asked for some advice from my cousin who has been married for few years now and she told me to take my own time, I could take as long as i felt comfortable and then tell a YES for wedding. It sounded fair.

But my mom was not up for this, typical orthodox Tamil Brahmin parents. They opposed to this idea and told me to concluded ASAP. I started talking over email with he girl and we hardly mailed for 1 week. And then it was evident for me that we were not the best of the couple or the right choice for each other. I politely told the girl, lets tell our parents that it didn’t work out. And that was the end of it.

I will be sharing other stories later. Follow, for a dive into the life of an unorthodox man from a highly orthodox family.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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