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Most Productive Electronic Device

How can you afford to waste your money in meaningless thing???

When it comes to technology, everyone of us wants the latest gadgets and stuff. It’s fancy, its cool, head turning characteristics make it all so appealing and irresistible to most of us. But, have you ever considered its actual utility? What would you a phone for? Calling, music, timekeeping, booking an Uber, banking, throwing at someone to hurt them in case of emergency. Thats about it. The most use of any mobile phone. Yet, you go behind features, like folding screens, transparency, LIDAR? (What are you thinking?).

Mobile phones were invented with the sole purpose of improving the connectivity and distance based communication barrier. It made possible for families to remain as families and remember each other over ultra huge distances, even across seas. But, today, they are a status symbol. Do you ever realise that the cost vs utility graph of an electronic device is completely screwed up. There is only a point till which the utility curve would grow after that it gets flat. But the cost would keep increasing due to all the useless yes lucrative features which these production companies stuff into a tiny device.

One thing which is completely unacceptable is the brand cost. Would you. Not agree if I say that the devices are made for X amount, % profit added to the cost to production to arrive at Y amount and then the brand premium cost is factored in to make it a whooping Z amount. Which we know is quite expensive and unreasonable for an electronic device (which anyway lives for only 2 years at max). Now, I am not being your MOM or DAD here, to tell you what to do and what not to do. My point simply being, in you are spending heavily in something, at least make sure it is an investment of a sort.

Last year, I bought an IPAD pro 2020 model, I bought it for the purpose of replacing my laptop (2016 Lenovo yoga 500 ). I haven’t yet completely replaced it, but still, I believe it had made my life highly productive. For those of us who are not professionals in creative fields, like art, music, video editing, the iPad offers a great platform to learn. If you know what to look for. I have improved on my guitar skills using subscription based applications, I have developed a small interest in DJ-ing, music production (was always curious about GARAGEBAND), I have been trying to make use of the stupid LIDAR feature, but what the hell, it is just a waste of resource.

Since then, I have decided to be choose with the products I buy, based in the features I require. What is the need of an ECG monitor on a smart watch? Am I a patient on the run? it will eventually make me a patient on the run. Over the constant obsession of checking my ECG ever now and then, only to know that I have “sinus Bradycardia”. Which is not an ailment. its due to my fitness based lifestyle.

But, the point I am trying to make is, any equipment or machine that we procure is supposed to make out life easy, not add more stress to it. It should improve the value added in the life. Not just increase our screen time and make us feel guilty of wasting a lot of time!!! So, if you want to buy any electronic device, invest in it, rather than splurging in it.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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