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I made a new FRIEND

My first dog that I ever pet. It’s a wonderful life….

Since time immemorial, I have always been terrified of dogs. I know, many of you think it is unreasonable and silly. But, given the fact that, my dad, mom and my sister, have all been bitten by one, I am the only dog bite virgin in my family. Once my sister cursed me during an argument that I would soon be bitten by a dog as well. And I have always been terrified by dogs. I feel I should get a pet. A dog as a pet, not because its cool and all, but just because when I am walking on the street and if some mongrel acts like a bully to me, then my dog would come save me. (I know, too dramatic, but blame it on television and childhood). So, I have been terrified of dogs. I believe we have established that now.

I have never gone near a stray. When I walk down my street, back at home, when I see a dog in the route, I back up. I go around the other street to reach my house. That is the height of fear I have towards dogs. Or if I am feeling too cocky at that moment, I would act like picking a stone from the road and throwing it at the dog. Having always been stupid enough to push these wonderful creatures away from me, I found myself in a strange spot today.

I am under quarantine right now, due to interstate travel. And there is this dog, this gorgeous, ugly, self ball licking dog. (It is disgusting). First time I ever went this close to a dog to notice that too. So, I am not scared of this particular dog anymore because I have been seeing him (I found out its a him today), outside my room for more that 3 days now. I guess, I just grew a pair. So i am making sounds, “CHCHCH CHCHCH”. “PHOOOOOOO” (whistling). “Tsk tsk”. No idea how to call a dog to me. “T T T T T T”. The dog must have thought “Make me move”, and started licking its balls again (I can never get used to seeing that. 😅So, I inch closer and closer, on my toes, to jump and go back in case he gets aggressive (I have seen pitbulls on videos and pictures).

Such a poser he is, right????

The dog was least bothered, and just lay there. (So lazy he is). I took some pictures to post it here and turned to go back to the room. Suddenly, every time I stepped back, he raised his head to look at me. I would move forward, he would lay back (Like, I don’t care, duh , sassy ass). I moved back again, and he would raise his head to look at me and pose for a picture, all cute and ugly at same time. So, I grew tired of it fast and moved fast, he sprung up and starting walking towards my room. And stood in front of my room. I kept the room door closed and he was standing so close, right at my feet. I bent down and touched him with a finger, he did not react. And that gave me some confidence. 💪

I gathered all the courage like humidity in the dry hot air around me, meagre. To touch him with my full palm. He just stared into the abyss in front. Then I got the courage to pet him with both my hands and I noticed that he was closing his eyes. As if he was letting it sink in. I had never seen a pet this close. yes, he was a mongrel but I called him a pet, my first dog friend ever. I noticed the nails, the dry lump of once wet hair, one or two dog flea (Don’t worry, I washed my hands with soap for 5 minutes after the encounter). I noticed his canines, his teeth were whiter than mine (a little jealous, I am). I noticed the wet mouth, those sharp teeth, again, reminded that, all it would take is a mood swing for that dog to tear me into pieces. (At least scare the shit outta me).

I called a friend of mine and asked him to click some pictures of me and the dog together. He obliged very politely and I have added the pics for you to admire the dog. What would a good name for him be? Who does he look like? Help me out guys…

Well, two can play this game. We both posers!!!!!

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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