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The Reverse Train Journey

How vulnerable could a seat make this man feel!!!!

So today, I am going to help you judge me by confiding in you, one of my weirdest compulsion. We are living in the COVID times, but I dare ask you anyway, when was the last time you travelled in a train? The constant movement and the cacophony of metals clanking around, uncomfortably shrieking. It was wonderful to travel in train, the view, the speed, etc, you know where I am getting at, make your own list of what’s good with trains, but, the SEAT, where we get to be for the entire journey. I believe it is THE most important thing.

I was on a train journey 2 days ago, the one I boarded after this incident, also this day. Travelling from Mumbai to Gujarat. If you are unaware, its in India, you would like it, maybe visit us (there, done some tourism promotion for the nation, BTW visit after COVID, duhhh!!!). So, yeah, I got on board the train. The train was stationary and I sat on my seat before it started moving. I put my phone to charge and my earphones in my ear canal, humming to the music, ostentatiously cancelling the noise around with my new ANC airpods, LOL (That was petty, I know, but still, carrying on). The train started moving and I did not notice outside the window, I was stilling arranging my stuff (nothing big, just my slippers and water bottle). I looked outside the window, to notice something was weird.

The train was going in one direction but I was not facing THAT direction. Have you ever felt uncomfortable with this? Have you ever had this situation? I was sitting on the other side and things were emerging from behind me (outside the window of course). It flipped my mind out completely. It was like, a car could just come from behind and hit me, and I would be completely unaware of it or could not do anything about it (as if I could stop it like hulk if only I was facing it).

I had to get up and walk around the compartment, looking for an empty place to sit. Pardon me, CORRECTION, empty seat facing the “RIGHT DIRECTION”. I could not find any. (Maybe everyone feels the same way. Vulnerable when things hurl past us from behind?) So, I went to the upper berth and lay down, I do not know which direction was my head in (If I knew, I could not have slept I guess). I lay there, with by the straps of both my bags, wrapped around my arm (In case I fell asleep and someone decided to show them around a good time, away from me, you can never be too careful).

I woke up the next morning, to find that half of the compartment was empty. People had got down at Ahmedabad. God bless them all (if he existed), I could see an empty seat facing the RIGHT direction, just across the compartment. I consciously checked for my bags and assured that they were still here, took my bags with me, rushing to that seat. I sat there, faced outside and took a deep breath (It was an AC compartment, but still, I felt as if I got fresh air, drama, yeah i can be bit of a dramaking sometimes).

The journey was pleasant henceforth and I reached my destination on time. Here is a picture for you to see, from that journey.

Me at the perfect SEAT.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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