Should you be Endocrinologist?

Should you be an endocrinologist?

Hormones. The magic secretion that basically controls myriad functions in our body assisting smooth sailing for our system. Pituitary, Pineal, Thyroid, Parathyroid, Pancreas, etc. These are endocrine glands that secretes the hormones which then go for a joy ride through our blood streams to specific organs to guide them in their functions. Why am I suddenly going all scientific (actually, its biology, but part of science none the less)? A random person was kind enough to ask me if she could take Endocrinology after bachelors in zoology. So, for today, I am researching on the topic and how useful it could be, as a career option.

I need not convince people of the necessity of a fit body and organs, it is rhetorical. Let’s take a moment to think about your lifestyle. Do you eat a lot of unhealthy stuff? (Yes, I know you do..) Is your sleep cycle perfect? (Who are we kidding, most probably, its middle of the night when you are reading this article) Is your metabolism hot? (Look down at the tummy) Do you feel lazy throughout the day? Eating a lot of sugar? Can’t stop eating that addictive snack? (“Aaaloo Bhujiya”, yeah, if you have had it, you know what I mean, BTW, its unhealthy dude). Have issues with your blood pressure? Well, its all controlled by these hormones. And our body was not meant to function the way we are making it function right now. All these lifestyle preference is causing our system to adapt, and thus causing adverse effect. Now, if you think I am right, think about the lifestyle of your friends, parents, sisters, your spouse?, crush?, kids?, all the advertisements, the restaurants, the promotions and offers you get at supermarket? Yes, we are doomed.

So, since we have established that, the number of cases that would be affected by failure of endocrine gland and hormonal imbalance is not going to diminish. The only thing that would diminish is our independence from medicine and drugs. So, I personally believe that Endocrinology has a great scope in the near future. Even if everybody decided to go natural and healthy tomorrow, you still would have enough patients to treat and make a career for this life cycle. Kudos. Great field. And maybe you should inform your kid about this field and give them the choice to choose to be an endocrinologist.

That’s it for my role as a counsellor. Thank You…. Signing off….

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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