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The Cliffhanger of My Life

Will I ever see her again? Will she feel the same way? Only time will tell!!!!!!

I have travelled and lived in so many places all my life, but never have I , before, wanted to see someone this much, once again.

I met her about a month ago and there she came with some colleagues of mine, to be introduced to me ( little did I know I was about to feel this way about her). I innocently thought, “that’s someone new” and continued with my friends there. By the end of the night, I realised that we had spoken the most and we were not supposed to meet each other again (how cruel, right?). Our area of work is worlds apart, like literally, me below the surface and she above it. She was to leave town next day and that thought crushed me. I had made my peace with the fact already but then she said it, “it would have been nice if we had met earlier, we could have hung out together”. I am unaware of the intention with which she put her point forward but that line strung the strings of violins and guitars and the saxophone in my mind (or maybe heart).

I HAD to get to know her now (it was not a choice anymore, you see), but what could I do? How to stay in touch with her? Could I ask her out on a date? Tomorrow? But she has to pack and leave tomorrow? Riddled with all these thoughts, I asked her for her phone number. Hoping, that I would get to use it, see her, get to know her. She may have felt pity for me, or was genuinely interested in me, fortunately she gave me her phone number and we parted ways.

I too left the town after a week and moved to Mumbai. After 3 weeks, she comes to Mumbai and whoa, was i excited?!! My hate for corona got hit by the “engorgio spell” when she was put in quarantine due to interstate travel (why??? Oh, why???). And it sucked because I had to leave Mumbai a week later (which is today by the way). How cruel could life get for me right? Not fair at all…. Absolutely unfair.

Though she was all beautiful and sweet and kind, one thing I hate about her is her tendency to be late with her replies or check the phone for messages (or maybe she ignored, ok. Am not gonna do that to myself now, LOL). I sneaked one evening and after much struggle, met her for a couple of hours. We spent the time walking, in an ellipse, both of us scared of the stray dogs there, laughing, smiling and exploring each other. It was wonderful (Full Stop)

So, she just got out of quarantine today after her COVID test. I have 1 hour left for me to cast off from the place. I do not know what am I supposed to do. I decided to leave it to fate, and took a coin out. Heads, I go to meet her and catch the bus from a different place, (at the gate). Tails, screw it.

Fate decided to f#$% me over and I get “TAILS”. Can you believe it? A fucking TAILS. (Pardon my language there, I could have rephrased it, but that was exactly what I thought that moment). So, like a loser, I put the coin inside and boarded the bus. Suddenly, something took over me and I told a colleague inside the bus, “call me as soon as the bus starts, I will be boarding at the gate”. And I started running the opposite side. Believe it or not, “I am not over”, by Carolina Liar, was playing in my mind. Exactly how Ashton Kutcher drives to meet Camaron Diaz in the movie “What happens in Vegas”.

I finally reached outside her building and called her. There she came, (after few missed calls). She looked stunning, I saw in slow motion. And yet the time was fleeting, the bus could start anytime.

I felt the chillness on my face. My sweat was dripping and water evaporating, dissipating the heat off my skin and making it cool. I was running, I could not afford to leave the bus but I did want to miss the bus. I wished I could freeze the moment. There was so much to tell her, so much I wanted to do. But, when I saw the bus leaving for the railway station, I had to leave. I walked back, away from her, while she saw me. All I could think was she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. But I then couldn’t move back any further. I inched closer, in a hurry I gave her a soft hug. And she said, “we did not even get to take a picture together”. All I could think was I will be back, while I was stepping backward. My mind echoed, we will meet again and I said, “ soon, we will meet” and started running to the bus. I turned to look at her, knowing that it is going to be a long wait. She must have thought I was crazy, but the things that we are willing to do for someone who grasps our attention, for someone who is special. Talk about it!!!

Now that I sit in the bus and write this in a hurry because I do not want to forget this rush I have. I wonder, if I would ever see her again. I wonder if she feels the same way. I wonder if she wants to meet me too. The Romcom cliffhanger of my life….. Only time will reveal.

Have you ever felt anything like this????

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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