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The Reason!!!

Tells my story of what inspired my to workout in my life. An insult when i went to do some good to society. To save a life maybe, but my offer for turned down….. Read on to know more.

Has anyone ever seen you do anything with so much passion that they enquire you why you do a certain thing so extensively? Many ask me the reason for my obsession with fitness and I share it with great pride. I now recon that maybe it is time for me to write it out so that others can also get to know about it if it interests them. Be ready to travel back in time.

7 years ago and 25 Kg before, I used to weigh 50.4 kg. I was the same 185cm tall. So now you can imagine the physique that I possessed. I was never interested in any strenuous activity. Running was a big no. I did enjoy playing chess and sometimes football. But no one ever got big muscles by moving pieces on a chess board. It was my second year of college and there was an excellent opportunity for us to bunk classes officially. A blood donation camp.

I am frightened shitless by needles and yet i manned up for the sake of bunking classes with out any repercussion. I went to the hospital wing in my campus and filled the form. Height -185cm. Blood group – A1+, Weight- 50.4Kg, Had breakfast in the morning ?- Yes, so on and so forth. I saw note at the end of the application form. It said something like, “ Mandatory weight requirement is more than 50 Kg”. I beamed my teeth like a light house. I cleared all the requirements. I WAS QUALIFIED TO DONATE BLOOD.

I happily submitted my form to the doctor who did my test and verified my blood group and gave a go ahead. Battling through the pain at my finger tip with the recent puncture for blood group test, I walked with my shivering legs to the nurse, a big fat nurse (Excuse me, but i am not body shaming, you will know why i say so, read on).

She was looking at the blood storage box and without looking at me took the form, and casually searched for the doctor’s approval in there and blood group and stuff. Then she looked up at me, this cute teenager who was there to do some good for the society. Save a life maybe. This was going on in my head though. The nurse looks at me top to down, judgmentally and says, “Thambi, unkiternthu ratham edutha, thirupi unake kudukara mathiri aidum. ne weight ethithu va next time. Ipo po pa.” This condescendingly translates to, “ beta, if we take blood from you, we might have to return it to you most probably. Why don’t you gain weight and try again next time? Now go.”

This was the decisive moment. I hit the gym the next day only to realise am incapable of doing even half a pushup without hitting my nose on the ground. Pull up seemed to be on a different league altogether. Reality hit me hard and I started working out. One push at a time, one pull at a time. Days passed, years passed. IT HAS BEEN 7 YEARS SINCE THEN. I HAVE GAINED 25 KG muscle mass and HAVE DONATED BLOOD 8 times (Have not done in the last 2.5 years due to COVID and my work environment).

So, the reason for why I work out is, “ I WORK OUT TO DONATE BLOOD”. From a hobby, it back a lifestyle and has now evolved further into an addiction now. If i do not workout for 4 days, I freak out. Might be a bad thing, io agree but every one has some form of addiction or other. Some are addicted to smoking, some to drinking, some to porn, some to drugs, some to sex. I, am addicted to fitness and at least my addiction wont kill me eventually. So far so good.

So, tell me, why do you work out?

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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