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Greenery in my life

How to make your emotions palpable and materialise the benefits!!! Read to learn it today!!

About few months ago, i was feeling low for having lost the urge to dream. Can you believe it? I realised that I haven’t dreamt anything in a while. Have you ever even had a dream block? I know about writers’ block, artists’ block, but dream block? What has my life come to? Are you a working professional too? Take few minutes to think if you still get dreams while you sleep!! Do you? You might be among lucky few. If not, join the club. As children we used to dream and it used to be quite fun but what happened? In this race to mint money, what has happened to our creativity. Are we too stressed with the computers and academic books that we read?

When I analysed in retrospect, i realised that i may have been losing out on certain other emotions as well. So to counter that i came up with a plan to nurture my own emotions consciously and in a palpable way. I know, you are questioning now that how can one say that an emotion is palpable? But attribute it to a physical form and anything can be felt and seen growing. Let me introduce you to some of them…

This is TRAVEL. He is a succulent and he resides in my car. He is in my life to increase my travel chances. He drives with me, to make sure I drive safe and am careful. So far, he has done a pretty good job. But he was feeling lonely. So….
Since TRAVEL was feeling lonely and as he increased my travelling, my fuel expenses were increasing, so came MONEY in my life, so that I will always have money. HaHa. I know, very typical and greedy but, hey, they work. Trust me. My investments have been growing great the more I water him, that’s why he stays in water. (;

So, after getting travel and money, I realised that I have successfully materialised my emotions and found a silly yet effective way to nurture them into progress. Then the idea clicked me, that I am henceforth going to nurture my own emotions and grow them. In the list of the emotions that I want to have, first on the list was HOPE. So, here she is….

So far she is the youngest and the one who has grown the most. She came into my life to make sure that I always have “hope” in my life. And since then I have felt particularly positive about my days. Everyday, I water her, I am hopeful for a better day, and more often than not, it probably is a better day. All thanks to her!!!

So, what is the point of all this? I am just sharing my way of nurturing emotions that I want in me. Some that will soon join the list are, courage, patience, anger, peace, lust and finally, love. You get the idea right?? What do you think about it? Are you willing to give it a try? Maybe? Get one emotion and nurture it properly for a month. And feel the change in you. A small experiment, you might benefit from it, if not, at least add greenery to your house. It’s a win win eaitherway. So what are you waiting for? Oh yeah, i know, COVID -19, lockdown to end!!!

By nurturing the basic emotions in life, I am somehow trying to rekindle the spark of creativity and joy in me. And for the first time in I do not know how long, I had a dream today, in the afternoon. Not a particularly victorious one. But a dream never the less. Feels so good that I still have my creativity buried in me. So, I am hoping to continue this practice and be in touch with nature by nurturing my nature.

Was that last line toooo technical? “” I don’t know, Anyway, thank you for taking the time. i hope i was able to inspire you to try something new. Do not forget to name them with the exact emotion that you want in you. If its for controlling anger, go for a cactus, it wont flourish, but will be thorny and scary, yet controlled in a small pot. Exactly how you want your anger to be. HUH?

Do share your experience in the comment section!!! It’s below … there.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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