a piece of my mind

An unknown motivation

So, here I am. 5 years later since the beginning and multiple months after the apparant ending of this blog, still finding courage and motivation from my readers, to write here even though I am not allowed to. Life has taken multiple turns and twists that has rendered me with lot of unsharable stories. Secrecy is not the agenda but I am in a profession where currently by law, I have given up some of my fundamental rights. Yes, it is a thing. Could be shocking to some but yet, here I am. It has been 6 months since I last posted here, but the last 2.5 years have been quite eventful. First things first, I do not look the same anymore. If any of you have seen the picture of me I used to have in this blog, you might not even recognize me now. I am not just talking about side chops, but also the physical development I have been granted in exchange of my time and the sacrifice of my fundamental rights of the constitution (still very handsome and hot nonetheless, or so I have been told. Haha).

It may not seem like a big deal to many, but I know that freedom of thought and expression is what drives me to write. I had up until now been able to control that urge by shifting to a personal diary format of blogging. But, last night, I received an email. Some kind reader from one corner of the world found my blog (dead blog) and was courageous enough to reach out to me. That person had no idea if the mail would even be replied to! It is that encouragement and inspiration that thrives me now.

I am uncertain if I would continue writing here, but I will try to stick to my plan henceforth. Sometimes, I am just out of network coverage area. Like I said, I have travelled so much in these last few years. Sometimes, I am just standing there in open ocean, smelling the freshly burnt gun powder residue suspended in the air. It can be addicting. You would agree if you have ever smell it too.

Anyway, enough clues about my life. Some quick updates. I bought my first car recently, a second hander ofcourse (I plan to write about it in a separate blog), I have self learnt to compose music (very bad at it, but still I know how to now), I have almost given up on the habit of reading (that sucks, I will be turning this one around soon), I have become a little more fit (I can do muscle ups now (; ), I have a gold medal with me (maybe I will write about it someday!! Have I already? I don’t remember), I still miss my long hair (Always šŸ˜­), I am single (yet again), my parents are pressuring me for marriage (another phase of my life), I am a new made uncle (so happy and proud), I quit Instagram and Facebook (more than an year ago). Well, that’s about few things that I haven’t shared with anyone here. So, maybe I would write about them or not, watch out!

To all those who stuck with me, thank you. I know I have ghosted for quite a bit now. I am keeping this one short because I have to go now. Duty calls.



By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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