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The duality of life

Our mind is wired in a very complex way. They say hello and heaven may or may not exist. But now, I am loving the life in hell and heaven, not even being sure  which one at what time. But in both of them none the less. I have been trying to get my past back to my life for sometime now and I am not willing to give up. I am ready to wait, as long as it takes. I even promise it that I will be slow this time. Much slower, so that my past can take it’s time to sink into my present without any rush. 

Now, I am in heaven and my day is the best day ever, when my past discusses itself with me, Shares it’s thoughts and interest. But, what do I do when my words are not reaching it? It’s like I have been shut out. There is a place in-between this feeling where I am not sure, what happened, why did it happen, what wrong did I do again? I get only one answer, I care too much. But, is caring ever too much, do you not care for your mother, father, brother, sister, friends? I care more for that past. 

And it is hell when it is waiting time. For the care to reach my past. The mind contemplates all sort of things till it gets a response. And that is hell. When you imagine or think about something, you tend to imagine the worst possible situation. It does more harm than the situation actually is. 

I just hope that, my past comes back to my present. Please pray for me. 

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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