The Trans-Border Experience. Day 2

I had a good sleep for that night but the AC was not very user-friendly. It was better turned off than, even at 30 deg C (that bloody thing won’t just heat the room, can you imagine a hardware malfunction at that temperature location.?) Though the room I stayed in looked like a deluxe suit, I spent 15 minutes searching for the dental kit and shaving kit. Turns out, they do not provide it, and that is not so mandatory to be a 3 star in bhutan (well, I do not imagine them needing a razor, they all seem as smooth as an egg shell). 

That’s the hotel I stayed in. By the way, let me show you the view from my balcony. Maybe that’s why it is a 3-star hotel. (; 

I felt the same way, they have an awesome maintained soccer turf. Though I never saw anyone play there, they still got it. That’s the point. Look at the cleanliness. And the country has mountains on all sides. The thing is everything is made on a mountain. The roads, houses, clubs, even that turf is on a levelled elevation. 

I went to do some work and it was a long day. I couldn’t do all the plans that day, it was evening in an instant. I wanted to visit a monastery in Bhutan. It was a little further in and possibly the only tourist attraction that would not require a permit to visit. And since I did not have the permit, I wanted to visit only that. 

The road was dark and a little scary. But the best thing about this country is that people do not overtake. Being from India, a country where every quarter of a signalled road is a race track, this came as quite a shock to me. It’s a crime to overtake here. And nobody blew the horn. So many vehicles and yet so calm. The only thing that broke the nature’s serene calmness was the crackling sounds of the man-made engines. 

That’s the gate through which we enter Bhutan. Traditional right? 

So, continuing, I went to the monastery but it was too late for the day. It was 6, and already too dark which made them close the monastry. I returned to my room with a thought to bother me in my mind. If I could make it to the place before leaving tomorrow. I ordered good Indian food for dinner and retired for the day. 

Stick around for day 3, did I go to the monastry ? 

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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