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The 2nd Anniversary. I will always write

It’s just been two years and you already know everything about me. The kind of person i am, the things that make me laugh. The things that make me cry, the things that make me go bonkers, the things I love, the feelings that I suffer, the touches I miss, you are the perfect one for me. 

I remember the first time we met. 18-Jan-2015. 11:30pm. I never knew I will stick to you for two years. This would be my longest commitment, I guess. So, my blog is two years old tonight. 155 posts, 99 followers, and a lifetime of memories already. I have a better commitment and relationship status with my blog, than any of my mortal-non-imaginary relationships I have had over these years. 
And to just say in one line, I am glad I chose this, and I love writing with all my heart. We have been through some tough times (all those things we had been through), some ignorant times( when I couldn’t find time for you), some angry moments (when you wouldn’t just make sense), and yet, every time I returned to you only with the non-serene motive of self-comfort,  you still accepted me. And that is why I have never lied to you. 

Over these years, if I look back the timeline, I came to you at the very beginning, for one purspose, you changed that and made me realise that I could not just exist without you. So, today I confess my love and tell about this 2 year long relationship to everyone. Yes, I am in love. I love writing, I am in love with words, I just fall for them every time I type and I am really mean this when I say, I will never leave you till the end. 

And I just hope that our babies (I mean, the posts and articles, for those who could not get the analogy), by likes by many many readers worldwide and share our love story. 

If dumbledore asked me, “after all these years?”

Me (snape), “always”. 

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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