The Trans-Border Experience. Day 1

The moment the car drove past the gate, it was like the someone took out the place and have it a jerk and all the dirt and dust fell out of the planet. The place was so clean, you could literally see the change if you just step across the border. It is like the nature aware of this man made division of counties where the climate changes in an instant. And yeah, Bhutan is really one of the cleanest places I have seen. 

Ok, so, I reached cooch behar, and completed the official work and departed for Jaigaon. It took about 2-3 hours to reach, and that was because of the reckless driving (that comes with the job description, just kidding). The route to Jaigaon was the kind of road which anybody who knows driving, would love to ride and that too at the top speed. It was as if a ruler(scale) was used to draw that road on the face of the world, like a stroke between cooch behar and hasimara. 

It was confusing to imagine wether we were really climbing high or the clouds suddenly lost altitude (it later turned out to be smog). But as the picture shows, the road was straight as a bullets path (speaking of straight bullet paths, I recently saw the movie “wanted” where they bend bullet’s path. I was like, how lame must I have been to like that movie few years ago. Rofl) 

Anyway, I reached Jaigaon and as it was dark I didn’t snap a picture of the gate at the border (I did it the next day, will show in next post). The moment we entered Jaigaon, it started raining out of no where. And then we reached phuentsholing, Bhutan. As I said before the city was pretty clean but let me not spoil it by telling everything that happened on day 1 post itself. I want to remain as coherent as possible. (Like, that ever happened!!!) 

My hotel was a pretty nice one. I had decided to stay in phuentsholing, though my work was in Jaigaon( India). Didn’t make much of a difference in the cost. Guess what, I even had a bath tub and a guest room in the front. I was in love with my job already but this was much better. I ordered dinner and retired for the night. Fingers crossed, for next day to be fun after my official work was done. 

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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