My First Business Trip

If you had been following my previous posts, you would know that I recently got a job and was posted in Kolkata. Anyway, it’s been a month here and i am already going on. Business trip. Hehehe. I am waiting for the time when the immigration guy asks me, “business or pleasure”, and I reply, “a bit of both” ( i know that this situation is totally unrelated to my present situation, but who cares). 

I am going to visit coach behar and Jaigaon. Now, I have heard that these two places, are very close to Bhutan, as in, Jaigaon, form the border of India and Bhutan. Being an Indian, my driving license seems promising enough to get me through the border (I am taking my passport Anyway, just in case). So, apart from the official purpose, I do have some things in my mind. 

The first and the must would be to take a selfie with one leg in Bhutan and the other one in India, and ofcourse post it on instagram, binational for that moment. 😂 and then, I would also want to visit some places inside Bhutan (I  heard there is a monastery, and it reached my ears that the geographical beauty of that place is exquisite. 

I would be reaching cooch-behar tomorrow morning and Jaigaon, by tomorrow night. So, I will keep you posted. By the way, until then, I can show you the Sealdah railway station. Not so technologically advanced or anything but very crowded. I like it though. 

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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