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Those things do happen

She said, “I will see you later”, while she closed the cab’s door. And the cab started to leave. Wait, let’s go back some time. So, it was a regular Monday at work. As always, we had the weekly video conference. And as always, it got late. So, I had missed my ride back home and one of my colleague offered to drop me some distance closer to my home. 

I booked an olashare (am sure you must have guessed it by now). And I got in the front seat (if only I had gotten in the back one). I hadn’t noticed anyone in the rear seat when I got it and I was talking to the driver as always. Then I called my mom and had a quick chat with her. 

“Was that Tamil or Malayalam?”, she asked. “Tamil, hi, am Aravindha”, I extended my hand. That’s how it started. We talked all the way and it was nice to meet a new person. See, this is what I love in Kolkata, people are open and receptive. Anyway, back to the story, we talked al the way, bla bla bla and it was all very nice. 

So there we were, in the cab, she closed the door, and said, “I will see you soon” (or something like that). And the moved away. Wait a minute, it was I who was in the car. So, I continued talking to the driver about his life (you know, the regular over indulging me). I was feeling pretty good after that short yet nice chat with her (By the way, her English was goooood). That is when I turned back. 

There, I was thrilled for a moment. I laughed for a minute, was this really happening? They happen only in movies. What was I supposed to do? I didn’t know. I had never been in such a situation. (Well, I could have just left, as if I never saw it?) oh am soo sorry, so, there it was. Her purse on the rear seat. 

I took it and called her. She gasped like “haaaawwwww”(that was funny). Then she decided to come get it from me. She came near my house, I walked half way and met her on the street. Showed my chivalry by returning the purse (now do not ask me why didn’t I take it to her place, it just didn’t occur to me, 😅😬).

And we did have dinner together. I knew I would be meeting her sometime soon, but this was rather too soon, haha. But, we talked a lot and it was fun getting to know her. After all, now I finally found a person who loves travelling a lot. Anyway, the most exciting part, I am gone learn rock climbing soon. She agreed to teach me. 

Am gonna be climbing rocks, Na Na Na naaanaaaaa. 

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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