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Merriest Christmas 

Every year for past 15 years, since I have wondered of Christmas celebrations, all I could imagine was a scene were a simple white family sits in their dining table and eat the turkey and have fun. (Wait, but that’s, thanksgiving right? Whatever, it’s all same to me).  But this time, this very Christmas was exquisite. I am currently living all by myself, in Kolkata and I went to one of the busiest places I have ever seen in my life. It was almost as crowded as the Mumbai railway stations and I am sure that one would not be unknown to you. 

The moment I stepped inside the metro,  I was like, “naaaaaaah”, everybody was just exaggerating. I have been through much busier places. But as the train approached the destination, “PARK STREET”, the train was overflowing, I was literally squashed out of the train when the doors opened in the Park Street Metro station. 

It doesn’t seem that crowded in this picture right ? Keep reading further, for the “OMFG” moment. I got to the Park Street and damn, I wished I was not single (DO NOT JUDGE ME). So many beautiful people all around. So crowded and everybody was ambling on the streets. And the traffic lights went haywire and the cars and the buses and the bikes, oh yes. I loved it. It was beginning to get dark, as it was about 5 pm. And people kept pouring in. 

Clubs overflowing, bars overfilled, roads over-tread, that street was decorated like it was the last day ever. So much fun. And what I found ironic was, all the shops were closed as well. So, everybody who was there, was there for no apparent reason. Just to chill out. Well, the crowd made me sweat even in 12 deg C.

Also, I think I bought two great books yesterday. I do not know what pulled me to it, but I bought books written by Carl Marx and Lenin. Now I am like 😱. Anyway, let’s hope that their philosophies shape mine as well. Then I walked a lot, ate a black forest cake. Looked at some beautiful girls. The regular stuff, you know. I returned to my home around 10 pm. 

But, my view of Christmas would never remain the same. I just loved it. Mainly because of the crowd. 😍

So many people, so much love. It was one hell of a time. I may as well, be returning to that place on New Year. 

Also, tell about your Christmas celebrations and new year plans in the comments section. 

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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