To the Other Side of Hoogly

Yet another weekend flew by as I sailed across the Hoogly (; in the previous walk, when I went to Howrah bridge, I met a native. He was explaining be about the places to visit in Kolkata. I have always fancied the people of Kolkata as too much oriented towards god and stuff like that. The guy said, “you should always meet the host, when you visit somebody’s home”, implying that this city is the house of “goddess Kali”. And so did my parents tell me, since the moment I let them know that I reached Kolkata. 

The idea finally got to me, and last Sunday, I packed up, locked and loaded, with my lunchbox filled with broccoli and an apple, just in case. You know at times, travelling can get pretty expensive. Hard learned lesson. I set out to the Dakshineswar. It was 2 hour travel session from my home to the temple. The place is on the bank of river Hoogly. 

On my way through the shops, the one thing I hated was the vendors. They kept holding my hands, literally and pulling me to buy an “offering kit”. That’s the one part which I disliked, and also the dumping of all that garbage around the “temple”. But, yeah, I walked further into the streets which bent and curved like snakes as such. 

Then the sight emerged, I am sure you would like it. It was about 4:30 evening. And beginning to darken. 

Guess, what is the most unexpected part of the trip? I was walking across the hoards of people, and snapping pictures, while I heard someone call my name. I made a swooosh turn around and damn. I met my college mate. The guy who I studied with 2 years ago. Back in Tamil Nadu. He was there too. The world indeed is too small. 

Then we parted ways as he was among the people who had been there since morning. 

That is river Hoogly. And I wanted to go to the other side. So, I got into a ferry. And it was a pretty long ride. When I say long ride, even I expected the ticket guy to askvwor atleast ₹50. What shook me almost over the boat, was the ridiculously cheap pricing of ₹10. I it were Chennai, the ride would have easily costed ₹100. 

It took us 20 minutes to get to the destination. And the destination was Belur Matt. It’s a place to sit and Meditate and do similar kind of stuff. I have attached te pics.  For a place for such purposes, it was awfully crowded as well. The building was goood, architecturally speaking. 

Will tell you what is special in Kolkata for Christmas.. look out for the next post. 

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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