A walk around the city 

It has been a week since I moved to Kolkata. And today I finally got time to go around the town. I kinda like this city, people are friendly. Anyway, I was standing on that continuously oscillating and vibrating cantilever over the river Hoogly. It was a humungus building and after I took all the pictures I want, turns out , we are not allowed to take pictures on the bridge. Who knew? 

The metro here is pretty good too. Look at that. 

I walked for 12km today, yes, I am walking a lot now a days and it is kind of fun. It’s like, I have a new hobby or something. But, the best part of today was when I was crossing through a street, when I was treading to the Howrah bridge. It was near a mosque and I heard a guy telling, “tum Insaan se jaloge toh allah tumhe jalaega”. It crudely translates to, “if you envy others, the almighty will see to it that you are punished”. 

I saw the local market, where if you got the skill, you can get the deal of your life too. Everything, and I mean everything can be found there. I feel that the city as such is very colourful and ofcourse, the ladies are pretty too. I mean, they know how to present themselves and the girls are cute. 

Oh then I went to the maidan, near Eden garden. And had my lunch, which I took from home. Oh yeah, self made. Don’t think a lot, it was just a jam and bread. Rofl. Yummy though. 

The one thing that shook the hell out of me was the transportation cost. And I mean, it’s ridiculous, come on. This city is going to make me a cheapo. I bet my ass on it. Auto rickshaw costs, ₹6 for a considerably long distance. Loving it. Also the food, a roti costs ₹2. What’s up with that ? I personally felt too weird in first 3 shops I went in, and had to leave cause I, I mean, we all do possess a small presumption that, good food is not so cheap. Not at all. 

But, it’s for my own good, now I can spend more on touring and travelling. Also, I cooked my first dish today, in the morning (not talking about the jam bread) . Will share the thing soon. (; 

Take care. Dont forget to like and subscribe. We are going to go around east India . One by one. Do share your views in the comments. 

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

One reply on “A walk around the city ”

Hello , new boy in the city. I read some of Ur works and they are awesome. U must be having a huge female fan following 😋
I would love to hear more abt my city from u coz it feels sooo good to see it city from someone else howz an outsider 😉 see u soon and have safe flight


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