a piece of my mind

This is his story

He sat in the dim lit room, casting a huge shadow on the wall behind his bed. He was not hungry and yet he was eating a cup of chocolate mousse, only because I had forced him to, for this was his supper, and yet, I could see the emptiness and helplessness in his face. Blood shot eyes welled up with tears, and cheeks pushing up to control and prevent those tears from falling out, he told me his problem. I had know the guy for more than 4 years. 

This, might seem like a very strong friendship, but, I knew that he existed, and the first time I bonded with him in an emotional level was tonight. I could feel his sadness, his hardship, his effort to do something, anything which could change the way she was living. 

6 years a relationship, asked to be uprooted. Fighting all odds, and still finding a reason to give love and yearn for it, gave me a new respect for that guy. India encourages an emotionally driven society, and to this society there are innumerable victims. Forced to stay apart, cast, and geography between them, adding to the fear of being rejected by the family, life gets hard. 

Living the life, is different than living the life happily. And a life with ultimate happiness is always self chosen. One might have a sibling, a sister maybe, who is just a couple of years younger than oneself. In this society, one’s life choices and decisions, are assumed to affect her’s. So, does one has to sacrifice his life? Is it fine to be expected to sacrifice the happiness of one’s life for the assumed or contemplated scenarios of the sibling’s life? 

I would not want to share the complete story of my friend, because, I am not writing this to share it, as I have no rights to, but, I write about things which I think, deserve to be recorded in the pages of time. And now, I wrote about this, hoping, wishing, and expecting, my friend and his “friend”, get through this and end up together. 

This is bothering me from inside and I write this to vent it out and ask those of you who read, to pray for them. 

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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