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It’s Lasertag Time

Continued. Click here for part 1.

So, the seniors had arrived and the children’s group had left. We were playing play station for the initial few minutes. Though I own one, I am a beginner and I was getting my ass kicked by other friends. The managers came and asked us to split up in two teams, for the gaming session. 

Since we were 11, we split as 6,5. Seniors vs freshers. Before that, I have to show the pics inside the arena. The entire room was glowing with floroacent light. The room was prepped to hold a battle. We went in and my shirt, which was of a lighter shade, started glowing. Like in the clubs, I remember this happening in Barcelona

Anyway, we were taken to the “armory”. And equipped with the laser guns and our vests. Ironically, unlike the real vests, we loose points if we get hit on these vests. Being a first timer, it was all exciting and I was also holding the gun like the US marines, guns pointing down, wrist hanging (always wanted to do that). Anyway, we all posed for some pictures and then it was game time. 

Have you ever played mini militia? If you haven’t, you must try, it is awesome. I felt like one of those characters. Like a fantasy come true. Also, the game was for 15 minutes, shoot the base format. The countdown on our counters began ticking down and the adrenaline rush began. Silence. 

The music man playing, after shouting, running, laughing, a couple time barrel rolling, hiding spots, and 15 fun minutes, we all came out. Panting, sucking the air around me, which was still not enough. Dabbing my sweat and moving towards the score board. 

Guess what? I was the MVP, 45k points. Again, an awesome day well spent. 

One more thing off the list. How was your weekend ? And if you have played lasertag, do tell me about your experience. Would love to hear from you. 

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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