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Am not an uncle

This weekend was awesome. Especially this Saturday. I attended some quiz competition in the morning and after that, I, my friends and the seniors from my company, went to a laser tag game place. Well, it wasn’t exactly like that. So I would be splitting the story in two posts. So, 5 of us (“the freshers”), went to have lunch in eatallica. And then we started for the gaming arena. G-sector, the other team went there earlier (or do we thought). 

We reached the place only to find out the other team was on its way. And yet we went in the gaming area. The moment I opened the door, it was like a swarm of bees rushing towards me from a hive. There were kids everywhere, I felt like barney ( remember the one with the laser tag?). So, these kids are like everywhere, shouting and fighting and jumping around. I felt as if the entire room was shaking, and the thought of me having to wait for the others, among this monkey group of kids. It appeared as if the entire building was shaking (earthquakeeeeeeee!!! Run for uoir lives!!!!). But, something else happened. 

I happened to start talking with some kids who were fighting for turns in play station. So, what do you do when you see kids fighting? (Take part in some action?) I talked them explaining about turns on time basis. They had excellent English communication for kids of just 8 years old. 

The only thing that kept bothering me was that, they kept referring to me as uncle. Despite the tonnes of times I corrected them by askin them to call me bhaiya. I particularly remember a naughty kid who asked me how old I was. Well, I said 21 and his reply infuriated me even further. He was like, “you are gonna be married in few years, so you are an uncle”. My mother sounds better than this kid. Atleast she tells, after 8 years or so. 

But, then, the other group came and it was time for some ass kicking. Check out the next post. 

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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