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The likes fiasco

I was talking with 3 of my colleagues today, during lunch. They are older than me, only by 2-3 years. When we were talking, I happened to show them my YouTube channel. And that was when, one guy showed us his dubsmash videos. Not published, but only personal. While laughing and talking, our topic of conversation glided into Facebook. Turns out, those post graduates, were not addicted to Facebook (yet). And they happened to share something with me, which, when I pondered later, apparently was my situation few years ago.

So, they told me about the number of likes and comments they have been getting recently. And how their involvement in Facebook varied too. My mind went through a time lapse and I could see how I was during my school days. The first time I joined Facebook and the number of likes I used to get those days. It was a miracle to reach 50 likes and now I get 160-200 for almost all my pictures. 

When my colleagues told me about the sudden change in their Facebook activity and humongous like counts of 200 for the first time, it was nice to look at their   expressions. But, also, after this instance, the time they spend on Facebook almost tripled or quadrupled. This is also another example of how much a person loves being liked and given importance. Though it is time for them to enjoy these small and happy moments, in the long run, eventually, they are going to get bored of this and curse Fb and not let their kids join it. 

I know some instances where people like a thing really but do not give a like publically, due to some reasons. One such reason happens out to be, ego, and another one being the point that the likes are public. One of my school mate who I recently met, told me that he likes my articles, but he doesn’t give a like on Facebook because, his friends might belittle him, for being a blog reader. Perhaps, call him a nerd? It is funny because I wonder what might “those” people name us, as in, those who blog. 

Sometimes, on a personal basis, I feel that some do not like my picture because of me. Well, I can be a little bit of intimidating at times and also I have a little too much pride over my looks. I do know that it should not be so. I am working on it though. Not for getting more likes on Facebook, but for being a humble human. After all, we only live once, why not try to have a good and respectable one? 

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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