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Am officially a Gamer. 

What is the most crazy thing you have done? Perhaps the most gutsy thing? Well, yesterday, I did the most spontaneous thing. 

I woke up at about 11 am in the morning and realised that I had missed my convocation. Damn. I did not go to my university. I felt jobless, my hair was all going bonkers, you know, bed head. I brushed in a semi sleepy state and came back to my room. I was sooooooooooo inexplicably bored. Suddenly my mind started high jumping and I began having all kinds of crazy thoughts. 

That was the time when I suddenly thought, how cool it would be to own a Play Station 3. You have to understand one thing here. I have never had a gaming console and for me to think about investing in such a big and expensive thing, was ridiculous. But I liked the possibility of it. So, what do I do? But a play station 3? No, something even hillarious or maybe cool too, for some. 

In the evening, I went to the nearest Sony showroom to by a 32 inch led smart tv, and it was a good deal. I exchanged the old tv for a shitty price, that asshole got the better of the deal, and bought the tv. 

When I was about to leave, the corner of my eye caught a glimpse of something, Shiney, big, heavily advertised and decorated. It was the humongous Play Station 4. Next thing I know, I am at home, playing on my brand new Play Station 4. Oh yes !! Oh yea!! I bought it. I spend more than 3/4th of a lakh in one evening, in like 5 minutes. That’s when it struck me, I am such an ass, but man oh man, I love this. The elegance and the smoothness and the features. It is awesome. Just love it. If you are planning to buy a console, go for it. It is cooooooool. 

If you are there in PS 4 community, my game name is lucifeerrr. Ping me, let’s play together. Also suggest me some cool games. 

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

33 replies on “Am officially a Gamer. ”

Being a Gamer is more a lifestyle than a title. Gamer is so tossed around with new generation kids. It’s a trend nowadays. A Gamer is someone who lives, breathes and loves games. One who truly plays because they want to, not because society tells you it’s the new biggest trend right now. There’s casual players, players and Gamers.

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Whoah, you cud have hust written a post on this and tagged me. Serioudly appreciate the effort you took, in explaining this. So, i Guess i am a casual player? But gamer sounds so cool, casual player can mean tricky things which. LOL. How about casual gamer? We settle for that?


Well, my point being, when u say gamer, a layman would associate it to someone who plays games. Thats it, no stuff like, loving it,, living it, eating it and breathing it. But when u say a player, or a casual player, people wont relate it to games. That is all that concerns me.


I understand what you’re saying. It’s a broken word sadly. It’s impossible to change now, but I still feel as if I should tell people anyhow as it really bothers me.


Well, now that, is something that can be cured, if you set out on a journey to correct everytime some one perceives anything you hold dear in a different way than yours, your journey would never end. The best you can do is ignore, you do not have to correct anybody’s opinion.
But, all that being said, ironically, i do appreciate you taking your time off and shedding some light on the topic. It was awesome talking to you. Stay in touch. Play hard.


Well, if that would calm you down. Okay. I hope that idea works for you. But, i am sure that one would not be that arrogant to not let others have their opinions over amything. After all, thats the one thing that completely belongs to oneself.


It’s not that people can’t have their opinions, go ahead. It’s more that people are just fed lies and doesn’t know everything. I can enlighten people who are smarter than that. I used to be just as blind and ignorant.


Well, world may suck to you, i am no one to jugde that beacuse i am sure i havent been throuhg things that have brought you to this conclusion. But, life is all about one more chance. Sooner or later, u fuck it up. And if you do not give yourself or others, the chance to stand back up, life will suck too. So, if life screws you over, give it another chance to make you over, instead of just cribbing about it.


One line, games are not reality. And if you are really that experienced as you sound, you should know that, it will never be like before. Embrace the change, adapt with time, else it would be very hard to survive. Remember, change is inevitable.


For now. You sound like a smart person. I enjoyed talking to you. I am sure you will understand the need to embrace change, someday. If you need to talk about anything that is bothering you, feel free to ping me. Glad to help.


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