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Man of his Word

Remember the time when I had a dilemma about helping out the guy who needed some money? (Click here for that post). Something unexpected happened. Two days ago, when I was returning to the bus terminal after my days work, I saw the guy running towards me. I was pretty tired, and when I saw him walking fast towards me with a thankful smile on his face, I wondered, if he was going to ask for more money? Oh boy!!! Was this going to get regular now? I was sweating already, so, my embarrassment was shown in multitude. I smiled at him with a gentle nod and a heavy heart. He stopped 3 feet short and took a breath. 

He said, that he was thankful for last time. And put his hand inside his pockets. That seemed rather…….. Over attitudily? I don’t know. But, in an instant, he took about the exact amount be borrowed and retuned it to me. Now, I felt bad. I had thought the other way round. Stupid me, young  and experience-less. Selfishness had took the better of me that time. I was so ashamed of my thoughts. He turned and went back. Walking to the bus. 

I called him out and could not control but show Him a wide smile. Which he was kind and courteous enough to return too. I was so embarrassed of myself that I, involuntarily ended up telling him that if he needed any such help again, he could ask me without any hesitation. Now, I felt noble, happy, useful ( yes, that’s the right word). And thanks to him that I reach home safely everyday, and not to mention, #on time. 

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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