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Crazy Laws

The Indian penal code provision says that it is not rape for a man to engage in sexual activity with his lawfully wedded wife, if the girl is above 15 years of age. Yes, i said girl, not a woman. Where the age for consent of sex in india is 18 years , this makes no sense. The government claims to abolish child marriage and sexual assualt of young girls, and yet, the mere existence of this provision negates the argument of abolishing child marriage. 

Rape, means engaging in sexual assault or engaging in an intercourse with someone, without a mutual consent. In simple terms, sex without mutual consent is rape. It is as simple that. There is no exception, if the couple is married, dating, broken up, or a rebound thing. If the government wants to abolish child marriage, it should remove this provision, which would also scare people involved in child marriage. Though, this has been in our culture for a long time, it is high time that we change it. Just words and display or intent is not enough. The actions should speak in a congruent manner as well. 

This provision, just promotes patriarchal society where the husband gets to do as he pleases. Is that right? For now, lawfully, it is right. But, in our minds, morally, is this right? What do you feel?

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6 replies on “Crazy Laws”

Have you ever met people of that strata? Have you ever thought why it persists?do you know about the cases which happen in villages of india? I am not saying it’s should not be changed but look in the society first,you might get lot of answers.

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I hope you do know, many girls quitting education. Many girls are still afraid of men in society. If the brave and bold women of India, who are famous for their valour and hardwork, were dominated under these circumstances, could they have achieved what they did?

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Provison need not be removed. We should understand that the IPC was enacted way back in 1860 where at that point of time child marriage was common in the society.
Law makers considering this position inserted the provision.
However, it is pathetic that even after so many years of independence, this provision hasn’t been amended with regard to age limit by considering the current sociacultural mindset of the people.

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The concept of amendment was provided in the constitution, so that we cpuld make the necessary changes in the laws that guide us, based on the then current situation of the society. But, that is not being seen as it should be. People change and so does the concept of right and wrong, over time. Amd with time, the constitution should have evolved. Rightly said mr. Srivatsan. #respect


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