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Why Do You Earn?

Wether you have started earning or yet to start minting money, take a pause and think, why do you want to earn money? We all have needs but, obviously they vary in an interesting sense. Some earn to save, some earn for others, some earn to enjoy life, what is your view? Well, whatever may your reason be, if you are earning now, that is not what why you wanted at the start of your career, and if you have not yet started working, the reason you earn, will not be the same for long. 

I have been working for 1 and a half month now. No complaints about my job yet, but, when i joined, i had huge plans for my salary. The day it was credited, i do not know how  i started thinking about investing it in things and making more out of it. I was paranoid about stock market and other businesses to invest my money in. And the sense of making money was so intoxicating that, i subconsciously forgot my own principle of why i earn. 

I asked you a question in the beginning, i never told you my answer. Well, i earn to spend. And i will always say, that i want to spend more, rather than saying that i want to earn more. Though it is implicit that, the former is non-plausible without the later. Yet, its the notion that i do not want to forget. I am saying this way because, i never want to forget that money always goes and i remember the values of things and people in life. I hope you could realise that too and stay cool and awesome, unlike me, who freaked out. I almost had a meltdown due to the conflicts within me.

Anyway, i am about to get my second salary soon and i am already making and thinking what to do next, as in, travel wise, cause i am young and i have the emtire world to see. Any ideas where to start from? 

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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