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The socks with a mouth

I sat there in the conference hall waiting for the technician to come and reset the hanging projector. He came inside the room and kept a chair over the table. He went out again to bring a pin, which i later found out was for putting in the reset hole of the projector. The guy had a thick beard, sleep deprived eyes with signs of redness and irritation in them. His shirt’s stitch had given away at his right shoulder. Dark skinned with blond and golden hair, he walked in with paste of grease on his shirt. 

He removed his shoes and that is when i noticed something. Usually, in my socks, moderately old ones, which i still use by the way, have holes in the front. Being from a middle class Indian family, i would not mind changing it, if an eye opens in my socks. But, i have never used a socks for so long, that it gives up all the way, till it is open in the front, like a crocodile with open mouth. 

Sadly,but not strangely, this man’s socks were torn that way. He removed his shoes and climbed on the table and then on the chair. He had no embarrassment or hesitation for that. I sometimes wear such socks to work. But, when and if i have to remove my shoes in some places, i freak out and always remove my socks as fast as i can, just to save myself from the embarrassment, if someone happens to notice it. As it turns out, when poverty or necessity is at its top, sense of embarassment leaves us, life and its reality kicks in. It becomes indifferent. I was surprised to see his acceptance of himself in this lifestyle. I donot know if we could make it past one week, living like that,  after all these comfort levels. 

And, maybe i should start treating my life and the things i posses with a little more of humility and compassion. It would make no harm, and if you have been even a little like this. Think about this, it definitely would not hurt to. 

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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