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A Stupid Samaritan

If you read my previous post, you would know what I am talking about. Thank you all for taking time to read it and give me your valuable opinion. It was really helpful in pulling me out of that ‘quicksand’-ish dilema. I am now sitting on my bean bag, happy and relaxed, listening to some of my favourite songs. Have you heard this song? Its kinda growing on me. Ok sorry, let me tell you what happened today. 

I was waiting for the bus at 6:25 am, all ready, oiled and combed hair, with fully-buttoned shirt like the morning good boy going to the office. I got in the bus and the driver gave me a cheerful smile. His bald head and the shine from his smile would make you feel good instantly. Pretty good chap. So, i got in the bus and took my seat, without knowing when and how, i woke up after 50 minutes. We were about to reach my workplace. One of my earplug was on my lap and the other one was hanging for its life from my ear. My combed hair was no more combed and i was back to the state when i woke up from my bed today morning (whats the purpose of getting ready right?). 

Anyway, everyone was geting down the bus, one by one. I slowly turned my head to look in the back if there were people. Unfortunately, there were many. Then i searched for the driver, he was getting down the bus through his private door on the other side. I looked around only to make sure that if others see me talking to him about what he asked yesterday, it might not be nice and word might spread and you know. I would be “the silly new guy who fell for that old trick”. 

Anyway, despite all my skeptism, i decided to help him with the thing and i gave him the money. There were plenty of things which made me come to this decision. Though, there is an uncertainty if that thing is true, or if he would use this as an opportunity and keep asking in future, i did not care. For all i knew, he asked me and i wanted to help. I am ready to be a stupid guy rather than having a chance at being a smart person who heroically skipped the bullet and saved ₹500. For all i care, i helped a guy in his time of need and i am feeling good. Ironically, thats the song i am listening i now, “i am feeling good”. One of the best song i ever heard. Go for it if you have few minutes. 

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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