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The Feeling of Company

I let out a sigh of frustration after siting here for an hour without doing anything. I have been here idle, with my friend and we both have random thoughts in and out of our mind. A heavy lunch after a tiring first half makes us all sleepy, and fate and food did not spare us either. He is rolling and rotating around his chair with the poor phone in his hand which after every barrel role it made on the table, would have cried if it could. Well, i am just sitting with a finger in my nose and staring up the cieling and imagining my wildest fantasies, and now writing this. 

The cool atmosphere in the air-conditioned chamber has no effect, against the scorching sun and the burning heat outside. Well, what can I say, we are not supposed to be using our phones right now and rather do anythin productive. Like whatever that is supposed to mean. Anyway, since morning, i did not have my phone and i just got it back. So many rules. Its just two of us here now and none of us are that scared for using the phone cause whatever happens, it will happen to us both and not just the one of us. 

Why is it that we humans seek a partner for things which have even a slightest possibility of going south? I feel that its for the sense of company and compassion that the other person might offer in case of a critical situation. In schools, it was always fine when a group of us were summoned to the principals office but when it was just your turn, remember how you felt? We, humans, by default need a companion in all the things we do, because, lets face it, we all tend to screw up now or sometime. And this way, there is someone who gets screwed with us.

But i remember an incident from my childhood where, the idea backfired. Yeah, i was burned by my friend. When i was in 6th grade, i used to do a business, as in, i used to make some crafts out of paper and sell it to my classmates for ₹ 1. When the business flourished, i increased thw price to ₹ 2. We used to make ₹ 100 each day, just like that. Word spread among all other sections of 6th grade and there was high demand for the product. My friend who used to do this thing along with, took a day off, due to “exams”. But, well, guess what? I got ambitious and kept going. Never stop the production, was my motto. One fine afternoon, i was talking to my class teacher and she happened to be very sweet and encouraging that i showed her all the money i had made (they were all coins of 1 and 2). Small boy, poor me young and stupid, did n ot know, that we are not supposed to trust ladies. She called my parents and complained that i was making a fool out of other kids. Just me, only I. And my friend, escaped, but i had to hear the lecture from my parents for a day and the teacher for next 2 days. And that is when the production stopped. 

Anyway, i hope that doesn’t happen to me again. By the way, do you have any such stories where you got the dirt cause your friend left or you both were sacked and yet you didnt feel bad, do tell. I woud love to know your story. 

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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