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The Detector

I could have titled the content in a more humourous or ‘vulgourous’ or ‘insensitive’ way according to different people. But let’s stay neutral, why to drive away readers right? What are detectors and what are the things we detect? There were metals, then came gases, then light, touch, smell, colours, shapes, and then came the revolutionary lie and truth detectors, and also the urine detectors in swimming pools that leave you embarrassingly floating between a dark Persian blue colored water if you did your pee pee in the swimming pool.

People always have played “I am Sherlock” in finding out who is responsible for anything, and now it’s my turn. I am suddenly talking about this because yesterday when I was working in my office, for which may have easily been the 100th time for the day, some senseless person farted. I was so annoyed and that’s when it occured to me. What if people use fart detectors in public areas?

Just imagine a scene where there are three people standing in park, each one surrounded by different colored hazy gas, like red, blue and green, depending upon the intensity and danger of the fart. Who would dare fart in public is that’s the case? Nobody would say, “somebody cut the cheese”, when ironically, the whistler is the culprit here, when everybody would effortlessly know, who painted the air and what is the safe zone area. There may as well be T-shirts, sign boards in public areas, “Fart here, if you dare”. Now, wouldn’t that be fun? (If you think noooooo, I guess now we know who paints the air in your office).

But, let’s face it, farts are natural. You eat a lot of things, some go well with ur body, others cause some trouble. So, you should not have to be embarrassed about it. So, with this thing, we introduce the “Fart Rooms” in all the corporate office and major shops. Like rest rooms, trial rooms, medical rooms, every shop much have a fart room, where people could fart all they want or control if they won’t.

P.S. just for fun. Ciao.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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