Not so Unpredictable

Do you know Prof. Robert Langdon? or Susan Fletcher, Peter Solomon, Sexton sedgewick, Rachel Sexton? If you know these characters I am sure you would have read almost all his books, but for those of you who have no idea, spoiler alert. And, please take time out to read some of his books, they are really a nail biter. Now, back to the topic in hand. I recently started reading all of Mr. DB´s books. Today I finished, ”  Digital Fortress”.  Before starting this book, I read ” The Lost Symbol”. Well, I am not listing out  the books but I am relating these two now because there is a connection, which made me wonder if Mr. DB is just being repetitive.

Being from South India, I felt that the basic plot of ” Digital Fortress “, similar to our melodramatic olden cinemas, where in, Mr. Antagonist likes the girl who is already in love with Mr. Protagonist, and he comes up with a ploy to meet all his needs and basically makes a small silly mistake in the end and spoils his genius only to die in the next few minutes. Well, that was it, if you know those movies ( firstly, your childhood was not good, poor you, well, and me too ), you could see the resemblance to the basic plot. There is no denying the fact that the way in which the story progresses is a complete thrill.

But, if you are really well educated, you could crack the so called final answer for the countdown which numerous cryptographers of The NSA are shown incapable of.  And at that point, I also felt that the author was actually taunting his reader´s by challenging their intellect ? Does DB think that his reader´s are stupid? Well, not complaining his choice of story line and the  “screenplay”, but  it just spoiled the thrill for me. Once the gibberish was arranged in 8 x 8, it was all over for me. I had predicted till the number 3. And so, my fun was spoiled. It could have been a little more challenging.

When it comes to the way DB writes his stories ( My views are not as a critic, but as a devoted DB fan who was disappointed very recently ), he is getting too predictable, by bringing in the antagonist in the beginning and during some of his feeble attempts in misdirecting the attention towards another character, for instance, on Greg Hale. When you have read 2 novels by DB and gasped your mouth open due to the twists and suspense and the deception, your mind starts to think in a certain way and you could easily predict the next move, like, it was pretty clear that Strathmore could be the possible guy behind the scene telling Hulohut to execute all those characters. I would not complain about the plot in Deception Point though. That took me off guard though, when the chief was behind all the mess. That was a good one, but this was just a rip off.

Coming to the most awkward part in the novel, “without wax”. Remember ” The Lost Symbol”, stone pyramid, golden capstone, sin-cere??? One of the main reasons why I always looked forward to finishing the current book and going on to the next one is because of the facts and history I get to learn in his books. His imagination runs wild and I am a big fan, at least I was one, but, he should not have to repeat similar things two books. The entire part of “David, without wax”, was too ridiculous for me now. I was like, really?, is DB that much careless about his choice of word pun? That he repeats his words? Well, it may have been amusing to Susan Fletcher, but I suppose, those who remembered the stone pyramid an its secrets would have definitely felt meh.

Despite these things, I would not say that I am not going to read anymore of his books, because I love the way he writes and takes my imagination. As a person who has a passion in writing and reading, I hope to always love his piece of work. With this note, i retire to my next and the only remaining DB book , “Inferno”. (shhhhhh!!! No spoilers please)

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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