Alampara Fort

How many of your have been to Mahaballipuram, 50 km from Chennai. It is a famous tourist attraction. But, did you know that there i a place 50 km from Mahaballipuram, towards Pondicherry?

Well, today I went on a drive from Chennai to Alampara fort. It was  a 2 hour drive. I expected the place to be something big and shady but due to the current season, the climate was a little too humid and hot. We went on the ECR and the road seemed pretty dangerous as there was no divider for the oncoming side. Anyway, throughout my journey I was a little worried as to what if my mom doesn´t like the place, because she had some work and I had made her come with me. Well, one reason for that was the availability of the car at my disposal, in my parent´s presence ( You know trust Issues, LOL).  But, any way, I drove for 100 Kms and reached the place. It lies near Kadappakam.


This place once used to be a port and trade center for salt, fisheries, etc in the 18th century. It was controlled by the nawab of karnataka, doste nawab ali khan until he moved out of this place and the fort was given to the French. Later in after the carnatic wars, when the french lost to the british, the fort was demolished in 1760. And since then it had been in ruins except for when it was further damaged in the 2004 earthquake near Indian Ocean. The place has boat ride and few good spot for taking pictures for your facebook and whatsapp profile. And you can spend 30-45 minutes in that place without getting bored.

The main part of the this trip for me was the long drive and the views on my left, the beach and all. I also happened to make my first vlog in India. Check it out here.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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