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Follow my old man?

Hello all, hope you are in great shape and everything is fine in your life. It’s been few weeks since you last heard from me. I have been busy. I joined in Hyundai and am in the training phase and thats about it. Anyway, this post is not for that. 

I have always admired my father for his passion and dedication towards nature. 6 years ago, he and my mother planted almost 100 trees near an estranged and a seasonal pond. I bring up this day now because this was the first time I found d out my father’s enthusiasm for nature. And now, like those trees which are tall and high, bearing fruits and providing shade, my father’s obsession ( ofcourse a healthy one) for plants and trees are also at an higher level. 

Last week, I helped him mix the organic hone manuers with the soil we fill in the pots in our terrace. He had been doing this for more than an year now, but this was the time when I involved myself with him, put in my effort and felt that pain in my shoulder. I am 21 and I felt, why oh why, but he is in his 50’s and he still got that drive in him. His involvement and drive did not just make him work but was soo powerful that it’s gravity pulled me too. I worked and sweat and freaked out at times (you know, those typical big scary centipedes). 

But at the end of the day, I had a happy feeling, that I never had before. It was a feeling that I contributed to nature and more than that, I participated in my father’s interest. Not that I haven’t done anything good, but this time, I knew for sure, this time it made a difference, this time it mattered to someone and when I heard my father saying to my mom these words of appreciation, “Aravindha, helped me finish the thing today, if he didn’t, I would not have”, I felt so guilty for not having helped him earlier.

As my father is a great man who does something because he wants to and even if his age pulls him back, he managed to do it. I am proud of my father and today, I decide to follow my father’s footsteps. 

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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