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And now, it’s time for Glasses

I do not understand what went wrong? And in my mind, I am shouting like, “why God? Why me? We had a deal”. My vision for far words and letter is screwed and today, the doctors said, “your power has almost doubled, you should have used glasses previously”. I am so sad right now. (And by the way, I am back to India. Home sweet home. Sorry for not mentioning that.)

I mean, I just finished my bachelor’s course. And I am gonna start working from after a couple of weeks. I was wondering that I had become a “big” boy now. I am scheduled I be prescribed for glasses after 2 days as there are some tests to be done. I wish there was a way to reduce the power. I am totally freaking out right now about getting to wear glasses. I have absolutely no idea if my face is made for wearing specs and I do not want to look bad (am sure no one does). 

There is a thin line between being excited and freaking out and I just stepped on it. I guess I would be fine with it if it makes me look like a smart ass but, still I have seen people who regret wearing glasses. The mark on the nose and the pressed hair along the side of your face where the frame runs to your (soon to be ‘our’) ears, and the constant fear of checking what did I sit on?????? I do not think I want that. 

Yet, this is a new phase of life for me and who knows, maybe it could enhance my look too. Its unavoidable anyway, so, Fingers crossed, and what is the best style of frame? Any suggestions?

P.S. It’s time to get nerdy.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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