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My Belated Birthday

Ha!!!! Another year completed but what more did I achieve? Well, here is a jist. Birthday abroad? done, get a Job? Done(I guess), visit outside India? done, dance in a club? done, trekking? done, start vlog channel? Donnnnneeeee . But this birthday was a little different that everyother birthday I have had. What is the main thing you get on your birthday? Pretty obvious. Gifts right??? But no, I was not talking about that. The maximum number of things we get on our birthday are the birthday wishes. Every birthday, we wait for wishes, at 12 am (don’t you dare say no, lol, you know you do), but I did not get more than 20 wishes or so, on my birthday. I do not feel bad, many of my friends texted me after long and wished me, many of them texted me after long and still didn’t know that it was my birthday, but I am happy that they did. It was fun.

It’s been a day since my birthday passed, and now I am getting many wishes. Ha ha. I got more belated birthday wishes than the actual greeting. So this is one more thing done for me, get more birthday wishes the next day to my birthday, rather than on my birthday. (;


By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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