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A Gravity Defying Climb

I must give a coconut to the local street Ganesh god in India as soon as i return, because when I was about to get down, I was not sure if I would make it. It was so scary and dangerous. But, lets rewind, why to start a story from the middle?

I was feeling so clever that i bought the tickets to the Montserrat train the previous night, my mind-voice was like, “I don have to wait in the queue tomorrow”. Today morning, i went to the station only to find out that the missed the train. And yet, I waited for one more hour to board the next train (if something was written in my fate, who as i to change it). I got in the train and it was empty, i was the first one, cause i was waiting from when the previous train left. I did not have company today, they had “work” to do. So, i was sitting and imagining how the day was going to turn out. The seat were filling up fast now, and all I could think (actually, pray) was that it would be nice if some good looking girl sits beside me. Then to my surprise, someone came and sat in front of me. An ~60 year old uncle. I was fed up, then I gave up and said, “A great start”. But, you know, I tend to get something which I want only when I don wish for it anymore. That being said, I wont tell who two came on the next seats to me.

It was nice to meet them, one hour later, we were in Aeri de Montserrat station. We have to go through the cable car (winch) to reach the monastery (Basilica). We got to know each other on the travel time and it was great knowing them. I will leave it at that. The Aeri ride was for 5 minutes and it was absolutely awesome every second, after every meter the car climbed, the view was ravishing and dashing. It was around 12.45pm and I was already feeling a little hungry when i heard the sound of a burping bear inside my stomach.

We reached to the base of the mountain and treated for the monastery. Technically, this is the first church thing i was ever going to, so it was a great experience for me, seeing the baptism pool, the cathedral, and so many people and yet the atmosphere was so silent. It was really nice, and also the architecture outside the basilica was really good. All built on top of the mountain and most of all, “free entry”.

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The next thing was Sant Joan, a walk for 1 hour up to the top, which was nicely decorated by nature’s trees and other greenery spreading items. Before even reaching halfway, the girls were tired and they took off, but i had my eyes on the top. So, the journey was just mine to go, and i kept walking, sometimes running and sprinting and then again sitting down with a stomach cramp because i ran too fast. The view around was mesmerizing, just when you think it cannot get better than this, the next view will blow your mind off.I asked some strangers to take pictures of me (for profile picture purposes, since you do not climb Montserrat everyday right). I reached Sant Joan and near that, there were huge rocks, and people do rock climbing on that. I wanted to but, I did not have the equipment or the skill, yet. So i took pictures of them and moved on. I ate my lunch there and people who crossed me smiled and kept saying, “buen provecho”. I first thought i had something on my face or i was sitting in some sacred place, polluting it with crumbs of “aaloo sabzi and rice”, (i made lunch and took there). Then when almost every happy faced person said that, i thought, it must mean bon apetite. And now i just googled to verify and it does indeed.

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After a heavy Indian style spicy lunch and writing my name and date on the wall, I started climbing again. I met a guy who literally tried to scare me to death, “you cant climb without equipment, its very hard, and take care if you climb, don fall down”. I was fine until he said don’t fall down. That’s when my legs started trembling and did not stop till I got down. The slippery rocks and gravel were made to kill. I personally felt that climbing to the top was really easy, and cool. The shade of the trees, the meshed sunlight falling on us, the birds and the hisses around. The ambience was worth the climb, I was so filled with adrenaline that i felt like I was, “Indiana Jones of India”. It was awesome and when I reached to the top of the mountain, it was beautiful. The view was exquisite and so titillating that i sat there in the sun for minutes and called my parents in india, only to freak them out that i was on top of a huge mountain, the highest in Barcelona (i guess).

I had to take off my shirt and sit there, not because everyone else was doing it but because i was really sweating a lot and I wanted to dry it. I took some pictures and absorbed the environment, the wind and the heat and the noises around. It was marvelous (i am feeling short of adjectives for describing this trip).

I started walking down and this is when all my terrors came in front of me. I am sure all of you would have dreamed at-least once like falling of a cliff in slow motion, I was so scared that it might happen. Not the slow motion part though. But, i managed to come down and walk, walk, roll, walk, walk, i was back near the Aeri and I winched down to the train again only to realize that my legs are numb and I need to go and take a big rest. Feeling so thankful for the Sunday.


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It was a great experience and I wish to do many more like this, do tell which part you liked the most.

Also check out the compilation of these beautiful pictures and feel yourself in the mountain.

Link: Photo compilation

P.S. I did manage to take 64 videos, to make the next movie in my video blog channel or whatever kids call it these days. I was so tired and exhausted that i was breathing like a punctured tire, at times with a high pitch noise like a pressure cooker. So i avoided to make the movie.

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a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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