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Museum Marathon

Hello folks, its been long. Hope you are doing good, I have a new crazy adventure to share with you all. As you know, am in Barcelona and until 5 hours ago, it was free museum night in the city. It was an unexpected idea by my room mate, “lets go to to some museums”, I was like, “bleh, but, lets make it interesting”. So what we decided was to go on a marathon, a museum marathon. To go to 3 museums within 11 pm. Three of us took off at 7 pm from home, we decided to go to nou camp stadium museum first. In my mind, i was like, we are gonna see things for free and that too so easily. Less did I know that the entire city was thinking the same thing. We went to nou camp and bam!!!!! A long queue, pouring out of the compound itself. but, this was not going to stop us, we stood there for 30 minutes, talking, laughing, recording and time whiled away. We were supposed to meet some friends there, but they got late, so, “screw them, lets complete our marathon”, we went in the stadium, sat in there. Closed my eyes and imagined a ball flying from one goal post to other ( actually, i didn’t, but now i wish i did. ). It was already 9 there, so we decide to go for a musical fountain show, at plaza espanya.

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Plaza espanya was really awesome, the star wars bgm, titanic bgm and musics with the water and fountain, it was soo relaxing. But, my camera, did get wet a lot. but, while we were just leaving, we were also lucky to get an unexpected treat, a street dance session, which was breathtaking, we saw it till the end and ran when they came to collect any money. I was 10.30 by then. i didnt expect it was gonna get this late for that itself.


We now had to go to jordi botanical garden, which around 3km away from plaza espanya. We decided to go by bus and on our way made some friends from cuba. And it turns out that you have to watch-out for stops when you are traveling in bus. We ended up missing the stop and were now lost, we had to walk our way back searching for the right way. We met some people from mexico and they were headed to same place as we were. They had a friend waiting in a long queue, so, we cut in the queue too. It was fun, and we went in only to see darkness ( what was i thinking, trying to see plants at 11.30 pm? ), but, there was something much better, we got to listen to a jazz music concert. It was incredible. I didnt realize how fast 30 mins went by.

focus on the band please, not the couple.

So, our plan for 3 places was complete, but still there was an hour left, so we decided to cover one more place, Joan Miro museum, and we set off for it, on my way to that museum, we cut our way into another museum, olympics museum of Barcelona, did some rock climbing, running thorough the pathway. And rushed through it, this was the fourth one, It was almost 12.15 am and we ran to the joan miro museum now, we reached there by 12.29am, and luckily, we were the last people let in the museum. So it was a lucky miss. We roamed, saw some amazing arts, stupid paintings, silly faces on canvas and over priced art books.

On the whole this trip was amazing and i made a small movie for 12 minutes, I think it is pretty fun and please see that. Leave your comments below and enjoy your week. I need to go get ready now, Its almost 6 am here and i have to leave for montserrat in 2 hours. Seems the marathon continues in another form. I wish you get to do somethings like this and have a blast out of your day too.

Link to my movie:

I hope you enjoy watching it as much I enjoyed living through it.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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