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My little social experiment

What do you do when you are super bored? Let me guess, eat?, play games?, nag your friends? What if you get bored of doing these too? I was there at this point few days ago. So, I decided to conduct a small social experiment. Yeah, ‘social’ gives away a lot. It was few days ago that I joined many social networks for the very first time, including tinder and Instagram (others shall not be named for my privacy and dignity. LOL).

I had always heard of Tinder before but this was the time I found of it is a ‘dating’ app. Apparently, I joined Instagram as well and now am taking stupid-ass useless pictures just for the sake of it. That is now getting on my nerve. But, the good part (not so good for me though), was that, in tinder, I have been swiping left and right for a couple of days now (let me tell you a secret, I swipe mostly right, given that am in Spain. :p). But, still, all the matches I got was 2 (okay, don’t raise your eyebrows or judge me now).

After the end of these many swipes, with my thumb flat and my screen guard  almost scrubbed off, it just ended with me thinking, am I not good enough (just thinking, I don’t believe it though. I love how I look.). And why is nobody messaging me, what is wrong with me, and I now believe it’s time I end the experiment. The actual purpose of the experiment was to find out how appealing could I be, but if I stay any longer in these things, I would LOL at my self esteem which will leave me, only to never return again.

So, if you are there outside swiping and waiting for someone to like you back, I suggest social network is not the right way. Tinder, Facebook, and whatever else, is just for filling the short gap in your attention craving heart. But, if you take a breath, look around, you have lot of things to admire and never to bore you in life. So, I am going to look for those things and who know, maybe that would get me what I want. There is always a chance, ( but, not in the digital world, it’s just fake).

So, ciao, adieu. Mucha gracias para leemos me article. Hasta pronto, love you all. Take care. Will be back with new things to share and if you would like me to write about anything specifically, do comment at the bottom. I always love it when a conversation inspires me to write something.

P.S. do not mind the errors in my Spanish, I am still learning. That is, soy aprendiendo español.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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I absolutely agree with you!! 🙂 I told you last week, “in Barcelona you can enjoy a lot of relax place as parks or monuments”…When I am bored I prefer go out and another activity you can do is to play a musical instrument!! I really like to play guitar. I think the next thing that I have to do it´s to play my guitar in a park 😉

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