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A Gravity Defying Climb

I must give a coconut to the local street Ganesh god in India as soon as i return, because when I was about to get down, I was not sure if I would make it. It was so scary and dangerous. But, lets rewind, why to start a story from the middle? I was feeling […]

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Museum Marathon

Hello folks, its been long. Hope you are doing good, I have a new crazy adventure to share with you all. As you know, am in Barcelona and until 5 hours ago, it was free museum night in the city. It was an unexpected idea by my room mate, “lets go to to some museums”, […]

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My little social experiment

What do you do when you are super bored? Let me guess, eat?, play games?, nag your friends? What if you get bored of doing these too? I was there at this point few days ago. So, I decided to conduct a small social experiment. Yeah, ‘social’ gives away a lot. It was few days […]